Be Inspired: 20 Feminine Color Palette Ideas & Examples

by | Oct 8, 2018

Color is powerful, especially when it comes to helping your brand stand out. Whether you’re going for a clean and modern look or a feminine shabby chic, I’ve got some great inspirational color palette ideas for you!

It can be hard to know what colors go together when there are so many options. That’s why I’ve made this easy for you! Just scroll through my color palette ideas below and copy down the hex codes to use them in your designs. Feeling creative? Head on over to to make your own color palette or check out some of these related articles:

01. Boss Girl Chic
feminine color palette ideas


02. Peachy Keen
feminine color palette ideas


03. Socialite
feminine color palette ideas


04. Divine
feminine color palette ideas


05. Espresso
feminine color palette ideas


06. Down-to-Earth
feminine color palette ideas


07. Raisin
feminine color palette ideas


08. Sugar n’ Spice
feminine color palette ideas


09. Bistro 
feminine color palette ideas


10. Beach Bum
feminine color palette ideas


11. Spring Lilly
feminine color palette ideas


12. Fresh Rain
feminine color palette ideas


13. Playtime
feminine color palette ideas


14. Sport
feminine color palette ideas


15. Vivacious
feminine color palette ideas


16. Neon
feminine color palette ideas - neon


17. Vintage
feminine color palette ideas - vintage


18. Billie


19. Paris


20. Honeybee


That’s a wrap! Were you inspired by any of these unique color palette ideas? Tell me what your favorite color combo is below in the comments! Need extra help putting together the perfect color palette for your brand? Reach out to me and I’d love to help!

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  1. Camille

    I love this!! What a creative idea! This totally inspired me to look through my wardrobe and come up with some new color combos of outfits!

    • Kristin Pruis

      Never thought of using them for your wardrobe too, but I definitely it would work! Great idea, Camille 😀

  2. Torey @ Lovely and Green

    Ohh #1 has my heart! I loooove combinations of peachy colors and navy blue 😍

    • Kristin Pruis

      That makes me so happy to hear, Torey <3 Thanks for sharing 🙂

  3. Deanna

    Ooh! Loved those colour palettes. It’s​gonna be fun to use them thanks.

    • Kristin Pruis

      Thanks Deanna 😀

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