How to Create Gorgeous Pinterest Pins That Explode Your Traffic

by | Oct 3, 2018

Do you feel like everyone is killing it on Pinterest except you? I felt that way for months and months until I finally cracked the code! The secret to driving major traffic to your site from Pinterest all starts with creating amazing pins! So, want to know how to create Pinterest pins that are gorgeous AND make people click?

Well, of course, right?! Here are my best tips…

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Use design principles

When you are designing your Pinterest graphics emphasis and hierarchy should be your BFFs. What do I mean by that? Using emphasis just helps people to look at the most important part of your design. There’s not just one way to do it – You can create emphasis with color, placement, formatting or sizing. For example, if you really want part of your text to stand out you could make it big, bold and a different color than the rest. Usually, the most important part of the design will be the keywords in your title so make sure to use emphasis accordingly.

Hierarchy is very similar to emphasis but it goes a little further to determine the order in which you want people to look at the different elements in your design. Typically hierarchy is mainly determined by size. The easiest way to create the best hierarchy in your design is to make the most important elements or text the biggest and the less important elements smaller in proportion to how important they are. You can determine how important your elements are by imagining how it would impact the design if they were removed. Can you still understand what the pin is about? Simple design elements like rules and borders usually make little to no impact so it’s safe to say these will likely be your least important elements. Other words like ‘a’, ‘the’ or ‘an’ can be smaller or made to be more subtle.

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Use high-quality photos

Don’t underestimate the power of a great photo! People are naturally drawn towards images first before text elements because it’s simpler for our minds to understand and interpret them. That’s why it’s so important to use high-quality beautiful photos in your Pinterest graphics to help you grab your audience’s attention. One of the easiest ways to get beautiful photos is to buy a monthly stock photo subscription from a service like Pixistock or iStockphoto. If you can’t afford a stock photo subscription, you could try taking images yourself if you have a decent camera. Otherwise, you can find tons of free photos using websites like Unsplash and Pexels.

Stay on brand

When you are designing your pin graphics its easy to get carried away with all the beautiful font options and colors but it’s important for your brand that all of your images are visually cohesive. This doesn’t mean all your designs have to use the exact same layout or the same color treatments but overall they should look like they fit together as a family. Why is this important? On average it takes 7 impressions or interactions with your brand before someone can easily recall it. If all your images look completely different you are losing out on the opportunity to build onto any existing brand impressions. Linking your graphics together visually helps your followers link them together mentally as well. This makes it easier for them to remember your brand and what your area of expertise is.

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graphic designer you can trust

Create a variety of templates

When I first started creating Pinterest graphics to drive traffic to my blog I made the mistake of only creating one design layout for all of my pins, but I was missing out on a ton of traffic! If you create multiple designs and layouts for your pins it gives you the opportunity to catch more people’s attention. Not only can you put more of your pins in circulation (see my next tip), but you have the chance to interest more viewers with a variety of looks. You can use a program like Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Spark or Canva to help you organize and create your templates. Then, once you are ready to create a new pin, you’ll have everything ready to go!

Promote. Promote. Promote.

I used to think I could only create one pin per blog post and once I sent it out into the Pinterest-verse that was that. Boy, was I mistaken’! Not only should you be creating multiple pin designs per blog post but you should also pin each pin to several relevant Pinterest boards. For example, let’s say you have a new blog that you want to promote. You can create 3-4 different pin designs for that one blog. Then you can pin each of those pins to 4-5 relevant boards you have on your account and you’ll easily end up with 15-20 pins for just one blog post! If you’ve already built up a library of blog posts, you can see how quickly you can create a ton of pins.

create pinterest pins to explode your traffic

I used to think this was totally spammy, but it’s not if you are pinning other people’s content mixed in and you plan out the timings of your pins which is why I use Tailwind. This one tip alone has made such a difference for my blog traffic. Before creating multiple pins for my blogs I would maybe get 10 clickthroughs a day. Now I get anywhere up to 200 clickthroughs, plus my Pinterest views have gone up to 280k+ per month! Not to mention all that added traffic has significantly increased my email sign-ups.

How are you doing on Pinterest? I’d love to hear what challenges you have with how to create Pinterest pins that are both beautiful and engaging. Let me know in the comments. Or join me over in my Facebook group Branding Secrets for Fempreneurs for my best tips and secrets on creating beautiful designs that reflect your brand!

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  1. Alaina

    Super helpful 😊

    • Kristin Pruis

      Thanks Alaina!

  2. Nikki

    Loved this! I’m definitely doing a lot of testing of the visuals I’m using. One pin can get 30k views in a week and the same article can get 100, just depending on the graphics and copy. It’s incredible!

    • Kristin Pruis

      Yes – it’s amazing how much difference a little tweak here and there can make. Best of luck with your pins! 😀

  3. The Passive 100

    Awesome tips! I’ve been trying to up my pin designs lately.

    • Kristin Pruis

      Thank so much! Hope my tips are helpful!

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