Five Secrets to Lead and Thrive in Uncertain Times

by | Mar 20, 2020

I’m writing this from my Manhattan apartment after a day of back-to-back coaching calls helping clients navigate business in the midst of the Coronavirus pandemic.

I had originally planned on sharing some thoughts with you on mindset and how it impacts your brand, strategy, and ability to stand out online and sell. Because, trust me, your mindset has everything to do with your brand, how you position yourself, and your ability to strategically use your designs to stand out above the noise online and make money.

Instead, I want to chat about the importance of managing your mind to manage your business when things seem to be changing as quickly as you can hit the refresh button. Because I don’t want you running your business from the mindset of fear, anxiety, worry, and scarcity.

Here are five concepts you can borrow to shift your mindset to feel more certain when everything seems uncertain. (These apply now during Covid-19 and always to help you get out of your own way, lead, and make more money doing what you love.)

1. You create your certainty.

This concept’s a little out there for some people, so hang with me for sec because it’s an important one.

Something I’ve been chatting a lot about with my clients is the idea that your circumstances don’t dictate your emotions, your thoughts do. It’s what you make any situation mean that creates your feelings.

This is why you can go see a movie with a group of friends (a circumstance) and all leave having had a completely different experience. It’s all of your individual perspectives, the story in your head about the movie and viewing experience, that gives you your feelings and takeaways. 

Same for you in business. 

I KNOW the circumstances right now have different stakes than a movie, and yet, the concept is still the same. It’s how you manage your mind around the Coronavirus and what you tell yourself about it that’s going to be the deciding factor for how you show up and manage your business.

Choose the thoughts that support your certainty, abundance, and success and show up for your business and clients from this mindset. Choose your certainty.

2. You’re OK, and you’ve always been ok.

If you’re reading this, you’re OK, and you’ve always been ok with everything life has thrown at you up until now.

We tend to tell ourselves the story that we aren’t ok, that we aren’t safe, and worry in advance. Our brain is wired this way as a form of self-protection.

We also tend to confuse discomfort to mean we aren’t ok. Being uncomfortable is simply a feeling. Last I checked, no one has ever died from an uncomfortable emotion. 

An easy way to interrupt the brain’s natural tendency to want to look for problems (you know, obsessively looking for more news updates) is to pause and check in and ask yourself, “In this moment am I inherently OK? In this moment am I safe? Am I alive?”

And, “Up until now, have I always figured out everything I’ve gone through?” 

You’re not asking if everything you’ve gone through has felt good or been easy. You’re not asking if you nailed it and succeeded every time. You’re simply checking in, with everything life has thrown at you, have you always come out the other side?

OF COURSE YOU HAVE. Keep checking in and reminding yourself, you’re ok. The more you can know and trust that you’re ok, the more unstoppable you’ll become now, in the midst of the Coronavirus, and always.

The power of this mindset is it reminds you that you don’t have to be ‘high vibe’ or positive every second of the day to be OK. And, it reminds you, even when some tough things are going on, you’re the ruler of your thoughts, and you’re ok.

Choose to KNOW you’re always OK and be unstoppable. 

3. It’s a really good time to be an entrepreneur.

As more people are forced to stay home and leave the ‘safety’ of their 9-5, we’re going to see a boom in the online space and a bigger need to support those who want to enter it.  Suddenly, being an entrepreneur doesn’t look as scary and uncertain (oh, the irony). 

If you’re a business owner using the internet, you’re in a position to serve, help, and sell more. 

Choose to believe being an entrepreneur is magic right now and show up for the people who need you.

4. Choose to see challenges as opportunities.

As entrepreneurs, we create something out of nothing. That’s what we do. We thrive in challenge and finding creative solutions where other people see problems. This is a time those willing to lean in, manage their mind, get creative and adaptive are going to thrive.

Choose to see challenges as opportunities for growth, creative new solutions, innovation, and success. And, remember, there’s a big difference between opportunities and being opportunistic. 

5. Your message matters.

Your clients and community are looking to you. Your mindset, your narrative, your thoughts about this situation are what others are picking up as their own interpretation of what’s going on.

Your ability to manage your mind and consciously choose your thoughts are the impact you and your business put out into the world. Your message always matters, and right now, your ability to consciously choose a message that positively impacts others is essential. 

Choose the message that positively supports your clients, community, and your business.

XO, Kim

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Kim Argetsinger

Mindset Coach and Business Mentor

Kim Argetsinger is a mindset coach and business mentor with a mission to help you create your version of success and make more money doing what you love. She helps passion-driven, heart-centered entrepreneurs, creatives, and coaches build, grow, and scale businesses they’re wildly in love with that also make them bank.

Want to know more abut Kim’s one-on-one coaching programs or about how you can work or collaborate with Kim? Follow her on Instagram @kimargetsinger or reach out!

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