Spring Clean Your Business: 7 Ways to Reorganize, Refresh and Refocus

by | Mar 24, 2019

Birds are chirping and flowers are starting to pop up. It can only mean one thing – Spring has sprung! With new energy and excitement for the change of season, spring is a time many people like to declutter and deep clean their lives. It’s also a great time to spring clean your business too!

Here are 7 ways that you can spring clean your business for a fresh, new start this season:

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spring clean your business

01. Check Your Habits

Have you gotten into any bad habits lately with your business? Maybe you are slacking on posting on social media or blogging, or reaching out to your email list. Now’s the perfect time to get back to your routine. If you struggle with breaking bad habits, here’s a little a trick I learned recently called habit bundling. Pair the thing you struggle to do or don’t want to do with something you want or like to do. For example, if you make it a habit to go out to lunch every Friday as a treat for a week of hard work, bring your laptop to follow-up on some of those items you’ve been putting off while you enjoy your afternoon out.

02. Simplify Your Processes

Without processes in place in your business, things can get messy. Deadlines can get missed, clients can fall through the cracks, and you can end up making some costly mistakes. Review your processes in your business and see if there is anything you can make more efficient. Perhaps, that could mean outsourcing some of the work on your plate so that you can spend more time in your zone of genius. Or maybe it’s as simple as investing in some time-saving software to help you manage everything you do day-to-day. Have you heard of automation apps like Zapier or IFTTT? If you haven’t, get ready to be amazed! Use an app like these to automate administrative tasks that will seriously change your life and your business.

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03. Cleanup Your Inbox

Do you feel overwhelmed when you look at your overflowing inbox? It’s time to get that under control! For many of us, we spend hours a day in our inbox and looking at all that clutter can leech into your productivity. To start, delete messages you no longer need and clean up your contacts. Unsubscribe from any promotional emails that you no longer find relevant or interesting. You can also use your email client’s folders or tabs to organize your emails and help you find what you need more quickly. I love using Gmail as my email client. It has tons of features like category tabs and filter settings that help me to keep things organized.

04. Review Your Email List

Managing email multiple email lists can get pretty hairy. Whether you use MailChimp, MailerLite, ConvertKit or something else, make sure you can navigate your email software with ease. Your lists, campaigns, and sequences should be labeled clearly and consistently. For example, for clients that I manage their monthly newsletter, I always put the year and month at the beginning, followed by the name of the campaign and the list it will be going to. Here’s what that might look like for you: 2019 / 02 – Monthly Newsletter (Clients)

spring flowers in a vase

05. Consolidate Your Files

Is your computer desktop so messy you can’t even see your desktop wallpaper? Let’s fix that immediately. You can use a service like Box, Dropbox or Google Drive to help you manage your files in the cloud or you will find that even just tidying up your own computer file management system can make your workflow so much faster and smoother. For my branding and design clients, I like to create a separate folder for each client. Within my client folders, each project also gets its own folder. Older projects are archived by year. Depending on what you do, you might have a slightly different method, but the important thing is to create a file organization system that makes sense to you.

06. Manage Your Subscriptions

Ten dollars here. Twenty dollars there. Individually, your monthly subscription costs may not seem like a lot, but they can really add up. Do an audit of your monthly subscription expenses. Are they all necessary or are there any you could do without? You might even find that you are paying for a subscription you don’t even use anymore! Keep your subscriptions in check and make sure you are only paying for what is necessary and that you actually use for your business. Some of my must-have subscriptions for my business are Freshbooks (accounting), Adobe (design software), and Tailwind (Pinterest scheduling app). I literally could not operate my business without them!

07. Update Your Website

Your website can seem like a never-ending project, am I right? Rather than be overwhelmed by thinking of all the things you want to add to and update on your website, start by looking at your analytics to give you some direction. One of my favorite things to look at in my analytics account is to find out where my visitors are coming from and also what pages are the most popular. Once you know this information you can focus your optimization on these pages first with your visitors in mind.

For example, I noticed recently that one of my blog posts was getting several hundred visitors a month. I updated that post now to have a downloadable content upgrade and have since received nearly a hundred new email subscribers from just one of my blogs. If your website needs more than just a little optimization, it might be time to think about a website redesign!

How about you? Could your biz could use a little spring cleaning? Let me know what you want to focus on first in the comments!

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  1. Katherine

    My favourite is number 2 simplify your processes. I know the more I simplify, the more I get done, and the better I feel. But I can never have too many reminders about it! Thanks.

  2. Katy Malkin

    Love the idea of giving the business a spring clean. And I definitely need to review my email list!

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