Gorgeous Website Design Inspiration for Your New Site

by | Jan 7, 2020

Every time I sit down to design a client’s website, I always do one thing at the beginning stages. Can you guess what it is?

Yes, after, we have a fitting call, we do a deep-dive discovery and map out their vision for their new site. Of course – that’s non-negotiable! BUT, Another thing I always do is look at TONS of inspiration. And I mean tons! I 100% believe this practice has made me such a better designer and has allowed me to give my clients next-level design with their website investments. Some of my favorite sites to look at for website inspiration are Pinterest and Dribbble (and invite-only community for designers).

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So, what am I looking for as inspiration? Am I just trying to copy other websites? Absolutely not – my intention is never to copy another website but rather, take the best ideas I discover and reinvent them in a way that helps your brand shine brightest. When you invest in a custom website from K Design Co., you aren’t getting a cookie-cutter, run-of-the-mill site that looks like everyone else’s. You’re getting a high-touch service which includes a one-of-kind design that fits your brand perfectly because if you’re a high-level player investing a custom site, you deserve nothing less.

With all the research I do, you can bet I’ve built up quite the library of inspiration. That’s why I wanted to share some of that with you so hopefully you can be inspired for your own website too. Take a look below!

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station seven website template

I love all the layering in this beautiful Squarespace template from Station Seven. The little details like the off-white page border and overlapping images and text really set this design apart.

made to thrive website design

I’m loving everything about this simple yet fun design from Made to Thrive. The pop o color and artistic brush strokes really make this design stand out!

vita hydration website inspiration

I’m seriously loving this chunky header and use of bright photography in this gorgeous design from Brighten Made.

gato website design inspiration

All the textures in this sweet design from Gatto web are making me have all the feels.

marcel atlanta restaurant website design

The typography and art direction for this vintage-inspired website for a restaurant is so on-point and swoon-worthy! Thanks for putting this amazing design out in to the world, Visual 23.

stefanie website inspiration

There are some seriously, next-level things happening on this gorgeous editorial design by Stefanie Brueckler. Amazing work!

Want more inspo from me on the daily? Be sure to follow me on Pinterest, my favorite hangout spot where I share tons of inspo and tips for all things branding and design!

PS. If you are looking for a gorgeous website template for your business, I’ve got something just for you. Check out my new website template shop!

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Kristin Pruis

Brand Strategist & Design Consultant

I specialize in helping entrepreneurs and business owners bring their passions and dreams to life through branding strategy and design. While I have vast experience working with companies, agencies and organizations of all sizes, I especially enjoy working with female entrepreneurs and women-owned businesses. It’s my privilege to work alongside business owners as they launch, grow and maintain their business’ brands. I’d love to have the opportunity to help you with your needs as well whether that be branding, logo design, web design or something else. Let’s chat!


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