How to Write Your First Blog Post with Confidence

by | May 12, 2019

So I’m guessing you heard that blogging does amazing things for your business. You know all about the SEO benefits and that blogging is one of the best ways to get your name out there in your industry or niche. But how do you actually write your first blog post and publish it? Here are my best tips on how to get started if you are new to blogging.

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How to write your first blog post with confidence

01. Decide on a blog topic & start writing!

The first thing you should do is choose a blog topic! Great blog topics usually relate to your brand or services/products in some way. If it’s something your ideal client would be interested in, then it’s the perfect topic to write about. Don’t worry if someone else out there has already covered the topic. This is your blog so the point is that you are telling this story and giving it your own unique spin. Also, it’s always good to be mindful of SEO best practices like keywords, but since you’re just starting out, don’t let this weigh you down or prevent you from getting started.

You’ll have plenty of time and opportunity to improve your blog and update it with new information later so don’t waste too much time overproducing it, trying to settle on the perfect topic or doing tons of research before you write. I think the best blogs we write are things we already know and are passionate about. Don’t overthink this, just start with a brain dump, you can go back and edit it later.

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02. Format your blog post.

Once you’ve gotten a rough draft of your blog written, format it so people actually want to read it. That means use headings when appropriate, along with bullets and bolded words for emphasis. Also, keep your paragraphs short and add in some relevant high quality images. My favorite resource for free images is Unsplash, but you could also use a paid service like Pixistock for beautiful stock photos.

You should also sprinkle in some links throughout your blog that link to other relevant pages on your site or even third-party sites that will give added value for your readers. Proper formatting of your blog can can be the difference between keeping your readers engaged and having them quickly exit your site so remember this important step.

03. Write an eye-catching blog title.

Your blog should be looking pretty sharp at this point, so you’ll want to choose a good title for it. A title can really make or break the success of your blog post. It needs to be specific but also engaging. Add emotion provoking words in your title. The mark of a good title is that it actually makes people want to click to read more. How do you do that?

Tell me, would you rather read a blog called ‘My Tips on Marketing’ or one called ‘7 Easy Marketing Tips Guaranteed to Grow Your Revenue’? I know which one I’m clicking on… How about you? The second title is much more descriptive and enticing. Look at your title objectively (if you can) and consider if it’s something that would catch your attention or make you keep on scrolling.

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04. Create a call-to-action at the end of your blog post.

So, now you’ve written your blog, but what should you readers do next once they’ve reached the end of your post? This is where your call-to-action comes into play. What do you want your readers to do next? Contact you? Check out your services page? Download a freebie?

At the end of each blog post you should have a clear and compelling call-to-action that tells your readers what their next step should be. If you don’t take advantage of this opportunity, you will be missing out on major leads and clients, and ultimately $$$. Don’t take this lightly! Be strategic about your call-to-actions and put some thought into what you want want your readers to do.

05. Promote your blog post.

So, blog post written, check. Formatting, check. Images, check. Blog title, check. What else do you need? You need to share it! A blog won’t do you any good if no one ever sees it which is why you have to promote the heck out of it! You can’t just publish it on your site and expect that readers will mosey on over. Share it on social media, with your email list, wherever your audience hangs out – that’s where you should share it! My favorite place to share my blog posts that gets me major traffic is on Pinterest, but being consistent across all my channels ensures I cover my bases.

So, how about it? Do you feel ready to write your first blog post? The easiest way to write your post is to just get started! Let me know what other questions you might have OR if you need a killer blog and website design to go with your writing, reach out to me at K Design Co..

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